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Naftel Associates Chartered Surveyors & Architects offers a friendly approach to all your surveying and architectural needs. We pride ourselves on our innovative designs and attention to detail, and aim to surpass your expectations at every stage.

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Coffee Break

Help! Sort Out My Cowboy Builder

Every so often we receive calls from property owners who are in panic because of some form of bad experience with their builder.

It often centres around poor workmanship, claims for extra payment or late completion of a project.

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Why is my house always mouldy?

Mould growth is common in buildings which have condensation problems. Spores germinate on the surface of internal linings, often behind furniture or hidden within the linings themselves.

Areas of poor air circulation increase the risk of condensation forming and can be undetected by the occupier.
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I'm Buying a Property, What Report Should I Have?

You have a choice of survey reports to consider although your financial organisation may have some advice for your consideration.

You can simply rely on verbal advise if you are a cash buyer and have a sound knowledge of building matters, but most purchasers opt for either of the following reports;
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Naftel Associates
46 Le Bordage
St Peter Port

+44 [0] 1481 740474
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